What is Kinesensic Training ?

Kinesensic Voice and Body Training Defined

Lessac Kinesensic Training is a comprehensive and creative approach to developing the voice and the body in a holistic way, resulting in greater flexibility and power and improved expressiveness and communication.

Kinesensics identifies simple but potent natural behaviors of the body (“familiar events”) which become powerful, organic instructions for creating desired improvements in vocal or physical function, resulting in a more healthful, enjoyable life.

Kinesensics encourages and honors individual personality while providing clear, concrete instruction that applies to anyone and everyone.

Originally known only to theatre professionals, Kinesensics has now become recognized as applicable to many endeavors in life, from voice and speech therapy to ESL, sports and fitness, and singing training. Current initiatives include language acquisition and development in young children, and relations across cultures.



Movement + marrow + feeling + original

Definition: Learning to sense/feel innate movement/motion of the body, and then gathering the information from that feeling process and using it for optimal body function. For more information, please, visit: www.lessacinstitute.org